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Smooth Jazz CD Review Brian Simpson: All That Matters

Smooth Jazz CD Review Brian Simpson...

"All That Matters"

Brian Simpson CD Release: April 20, 2021



By: Mina Kim


Since the onset of the pandemic we have all faced our share of uncertain times and unfortunately some rather heartbreaking ones. When I learned that all the foreseeable shows, concerts, festivals and cruises were canceled until further notice I along with the innumerable jazz enthusiasts around the globe wept with heartache and the uncertainty as to when the music and the music makers we love would return.
But what no one saw coming was the unprecedented level of determination that these musicians drew upon to ensure that, until it was show-time again they would flavor the airwaves with brilliant, outstanding music; music that carries with it rhythmic and uplifting melodies that will not disappoint.
One such artist is Brian Simpson. His latest album, “All That Matters,” is unabashedly honest and overflowing with delicious rhythms, such as in “Sunlit Sea,” “What I’m Waiting For,” and “Whisper To Me.”
This album is all the more stunning with the inclusion of such great artists as Steve Oliver, Nicholas Cole, as well as the incomparable Najee.
Perhaps then a silver lining to the pandemic – within the Jazz community – has been to see beyond the disappointment while focusing on collaboration, true musical expression, and artistic inclusion. Brian Simpson’s genius in “All That Matters” has been well worth the wait.