Will Downing “The Promise” 11/30/18

Released Date 11/30/18


By: Ahila Love


Will Downing “The Promise” 

Record Label: Shanachie Records

Love is truly a verb. Many of us make statements but for some reason, the good intentions lack follow through. This CD project shows both Love and Honor in keeping a promise made to God and the Beautiful Mother of this blessed silky song pioneer. I promise you if you are a fan of good Gospel or Inspirational music you will love Will Downing’s first Gospel project. 

Track 1:  Take it to The Cross – I can definitely hear a church choir jumping on this track and making it their own. An uptempo future classic with a great hook.  With this being just the first track I already see potential Grammy noms for Will Downing with this project.

Track 2:  Look at Yourself (In the Mirror) Another future classic. Nothing but love for this track as well.

Track 3:  I Hear a Voice – Classic Will Downing vocally. God has indeed blessed this track by way of lyrics and the arrangement.

Track 4: You Blessed My Life – So far this track is the one that resonates most in my Spirit.   I am grateful for this composition and I believe anyone who listens to it will feel the same.

Track 5: He Will Be There – Another awesome track to get your day off to a powerful start. I dare you to have a bad day after listening to this track.

Track 6:  What Would I Do – This arrangement is one that seems to have even more of a so-called secular feel than the previous tracks but still like the entire project this song is filled with the love and praise…just packed with a lil’ more funk.

Track 7: God Is So Amazing – This song is just so pretty and I could see it being used commercially in a wide variety of formats. The vocals, as usual, do not disappoint.

Track 8: God Will Show You The Way – Still trying to find just one song that I DON’T like and this track is NOT one of them. Wow, more inspiration balanced with an exciting arrangement.

Track 9: Shout (A Celebration of Life) – This is a very catchy undeniably feel-good groove with another powerful reminder of gratitude.

Track 10: Changed – I personally believe that this is the true song of personal thanks and testimony which actually fulfills the promise of this project…hence the intention of Will Downing’s mission. 

I’m blessed to hear a lot of great music but every now and then I encounter what I feel has the potential to become a classic not just in a given genre but Universally. If you are a fan of Will Downing, Inspirational or Gospel music this entire project is going to be difficult to pass by. It would be hard NOT to include “Promise” as a major part of your playlist. Great Job Mr. Downing!