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Denise Donatelli CD Release Party 10/13/12 @ Vitello’s in Sherman Oaks, CA

Denise Donatelli CD Release Party 10/13/12 @ Vitello’s



Denise sings “Another Day”



October 13, 2012

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Soul Shadows

Release Date: 09/11/12



Label: Savant







































Review By: Michelle Copperl

I was wondering how to fill my day with new music when I was invited to hear Denise Donatelli presents her new CD “Soul Shadows”


The atmosphere was set to mellow as we fine dined at this Italian venue “Upstairs at Vitello’s in Studio City, CA… Hey, I could do this every night!


Soul Shadows is a compilation of relationship songs, I dare say its about love in its various stages… Denise Donatelli leads us through love’s twists, turns and memories of love, the music is flawless and so beautifully arranged.


“I am yours you are mine…So it’s alright.” are the words in “Another Day” a song that speaks to being comfortable in where you are in your relationship with your mate. Classic, head bobbin music…Nice!


“No Better” Heartfelt musical optimism mixed with  sadness…The  piano dances like teardrops falling…Very beautiful.


This is the song for me…”When I Looked Again” Is the song that stays on repeat.


“Too Late Now”… Sophisticated and heart moving.


“A Promise” Fulfills.


“Ocean”…Mood music,   the conversation between the instruments was in-credible.


“Ange”..Latin flare with her voice clean and crisp.


“Postcards and Messages” meaningful.. playful.


Seeing and hearing her live was very exciting. We were old friends and new friends gathering together to be reminded about love and relationships… The musicians that accompanied her Geoffrey Keezer, piano, Peter Sprague, electric and acoustic guitar, Walter Rodriguez, percussion, Carlitos del Puerto, bass were all the bomb as they all entertained close to two hours as Denise interacted with lite humor which made the evening even more intimate in the packed house.


Then they played the title song “Soul Shadows” ….oooo I was singing along too…I look forward to read what the others are saying about this dynamic artist because I believe she is on her way to another Grammy nomination with this new release!