Esperanza Electricfries Hollywood 04/27/12

Esperanza Electrifies Hollywood 04/27/12
April 27, 2012







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Hollywood, CA


Friday night in Hollywood is all a buzz as the line started forming 2-hours before showtime at The Fonda Theatre.


The crowd attending ranging from the young grunge 20 something year olds types to the late 70’s elderly who needed a walker revealed the popularity of the 27 year from Portland OR native.


Once inside the huge black and white boom box is visable on stage as featured on her new CD cover for “Radio Music Society”.


As the crowd patiently waited the sound of radio static began to resonate as if trying to find a suitable station on the radio, turning away from Pop Music, Spanish Talk, a Christian speaker giving a sermon and more until the lady of the moment entered from stage left to the roar of the standing room only crowd who packed the 1,200 capacity venue.


The breathe-taking beautiful singer, bassist wore a black long and lacy fitted gown which was stunning as well as breath taking as well showcasing the glamourous and sophisticated star that she as become.


Being the first jazz musician ever to win the Grammy Award for best new artist in 2011, which shocked the over popular Justin Bieber fans.

Upon seeing her a few times previously, I must say I was pleasantly surprise to witness the growth and radiant personality that showed.



In between each song Esperanza took us on a journey of her young life experiences whether being love, friendships, or  observations from watching television with one being how we are now celebrating “Earth Day” as she so adequately joked isn’t  every day earth; what is our other option while transitioning into her Wayne Shorter remake of “Endangered Species” which was featured during the earth day programs.




“Black Gold,” was introduced by another one of her random thoughts as she envision herself running up to little boys and giving them positive words of encouragement as she feels its lacking for boys nowadays, as she recalls that she was exposed to various organizations as a little girl that gave her positive reinforcement but her brothers did not have the same type of encouragement.  “Black Gold,” is also a video which is a  much see.


Showing off her vocals on, “Land of the Free,” a tune inspired by a true story of wrongful imprisonment, for 30 years had everyone entranced on her.


Starting to have a conversation with herself and the trombone brought some levity to the show for a few minutes as she penned the Stevie Wonder tuned that Michael Jackson popularized “I Can’t Help It”.


“Radio Song,” “Crowned & Kissed” and other Spalding originals made for great enjoyment As was the case with one of my favorites tunes off the new CD “Cinnamon Tree,” which was written for a friend who was studying to become a lawyer.  Who failed the first try, but passed the second time around upon receiving the song.  Esperanza admitted that she didn’t know if there was a correlation with passing the bar and receiving the song but she likes to think so, which brought chuckles from the audience. However, says Esperanza the friend later quit being a lawyer which brought out even more healthier laughter.


The hour and a half show moved effortless as we were more mesmerized by fingers going up and down on the neck of the acoustic bass and how someone with her size handles it with ease and everyone stayed and cheered to spur on an encore in which Ms. Spalding honored with a solo performance that was appreciated by one and all.