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Euge Groove Rosemarie Howard

By: Rosemarie Howard

Euge Groove’s 13th released album comfort zone is pleasurable to the ears as well as relaxing to the soul. These songs allow you to enjoy that. Drive up the coast or sit in your beach chair. Watching the waves or a beautiful sunset. Each song is soothing to the listener’s ear.

Comfort zone is defined as a state of feeling at ease, no stress and relax. The album “Comfort Zone” incorporates musical originalities in which this phenomenal saxophonist came out of his comfort zone to give his audience a funky Jazz soulful-driven sound and rhythmic compositions.

On this album, Euge called upon artist Candy Dulfer, Richard Elliot and Dino Soldo as well as a few others completing the All Star ensemble.

Lets start with track #1 and work our way through. Starting with Measure for Measure Euge and his sax produces a beautiful dance to smooth R&B sounds.

Walkin’ Reminds me of the Chicago steppers with a classy beat, and Let’s Hold Hands features Dino Saldo on the harmonica, which added a plus to a beautiful song.

Now, Up Close  is pure romantic. Other songs like Caminito meaning a little walkway has a groove that allows you to sit back and listen. While Junior, Two Bridges and Crossroads all bring vibes of funk, blues and R&B.

Finally, “Comfort Zone and Please Mr.Groove,” brings on that 80s funk, a great reminisce of the great sounds allowing us to sway dance. Or just bring our picnic basket and blankets with our favorite beverage. Euge Groove comes out of his comfort zone with some unique new melodies.