Queen Latifah performed at the beautiful Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL March 26, 2013.

Queen Latifah Concert Review: “All That Jazz” 03/26/13
March 26, 2013


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Review By: Lexi Lewis


Queen Latifah “All That Jazz” 

Queen Latifah performed at the beautiful Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.


As you heard the house bells ring for the start of the show, you could see everyone hurrying to their seats for the anticipated arrival of the Queen.  I’m not talking about the Queen of England or the Queen of Soul. I am talking about Queen Latifah!  She came to the stage with the audience showing a very warm Tampa Bay welcome.  She greeted the audience and told us we were headed for a musical journey from Jazz to Blues to R&B to Hip Hop.  She also shared with us that she has a new TV talk show coming in 2013.  She was wearing black boots with black spandex leggings, a flowing white shirt trimmed in black, beautiful jewelry and her hair was done in an elegant long pony tail.


Her band consisted of a Saxophone, Trumpet, Percussion, Drums, Bass, Upright Bass, Keyboard, Guitar and two lovely female background singers.  She began strong and maintained that vocal strength throughout the night. The sound was incredible! Her keyboard player’s sound was crisp and clear – when he played, he took you on his own musical journey within her journey.  Her background singers were dressed in all black and were synchronized in their moves and vocals. Those women had voices like angels.


During the show Queen Latifah encouraged the Trumpet player to come forward to perform a solo. He was dynamite and she also encouraged the audience to clap for his phenomenal solo.  She then went over to her bassist and brought him forward. The Bass was deep and in the pocket, he has skills.  Next to be featured was one of the background singers then the other. It was beautiful. The energy was out of this world but a few shouts from the audience led Queen Latifah to say “this audience is naughty ‘cause I can hear it.” To which the audience laughed.  Throughout the night she added a funny line, a funny face and even a funny walk across the stage at times.  To my surprise, her show was VERY entertaining.


She sang “I Put A Spell On You.” When I say she “sang” I mean she “sang” that song. I was impressed! At the very end of the song she infused a little comedy that had the audience tickled.  When she closed the song and slowly sang “because your mine,” she dragged out the “your” and leaned toward the audience and made hysterical faces then finally ended with “mine.”  I was a fan of hers from her acting career and I must say I’m now a fan of her singing career.  Next up was the song “Georgia Rose.” She sat down to perform this particular song but prior to starting the song, she fixed the microphone about six times, moved it up and down, looked at it strangely, moved her stool, adjusted the microphone stand again, fixed her shirt then took a deep breath and smiled all while the audience was laughing. She was clearly performing these antics to create laughter.


She turned it up a bit with “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.” When the Trumpet player came forward, she walked over to him and flicked his dreadlocks in the air to have some fun with him.  This song featured a Guitar solo that was electrifying and the Percussion solo – it moved the audience!


She did perform one Rap song titled “Unity.”  She made the song fit within the realm of the show so the entire audience could enjoy it. She said after performing the Rap song “now some of you can say you’ve been to your first Rap concert.” Of course the audience laughed.


At the close of the show, the audience showed its love and appreciation by giving Queen Latifah a well-deserved and earned standing ovation.  To be honest, I didn’t know what kind of audience to expect at this concert and to my surprise; there were fans there from the very young to very mature.  I was truly shocked at the diversity in the age-range of attendees.  Queen Latifah is a brilliant woman.  If you’ve not heard her sing Jazz, you must. It’s that plain and simple. I no longer think Rap artist and Actress when I see the name Queen Latifah; I think a multi-talented force to be reckoned with.  I had the opportunity to speak with Alicia Kaye (Show Host and Voice Over Talent) who had this to say about the show “I was really impressed with her world class band who sounded like a full orchestra.  They definitely had the Jazz vibe going on.   Queen Latifah was great, positive, friendly and seemed to really enjoy herself. I was not disappointed!”


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