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Remembering: Whitney Houston dies

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Whitney Houston Awards: Two Emmy Awards, Six Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards, are among Whitney Houston’s total of 415 Career Awards. 
Whitney Houston was also one of the world’s best-selling music Artists, having sold over 170 million Albums.


With her life accomplishment and struggles well documented we wanted to let her fan, friends and fellow artists leave their thoughts for the songtress.




Elizabeth Betrand
I am devastated, and words cannot express the grief that I feel about the loss of this great voice and spirit. The younger generation would never completely understand the meaning behind Whitney Houston. She was more than just a voice. She has touched so many people lives through her music. She raised the bar in what true talent really is. I was fortunate enough to have met her at the age of the 13, raising money for the March of Dimes. This was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I miss Whitney already. My heart goes out to her daughter and family.
My heart is truly broken. We as a black community need to do better in lifting up our people. More support and encouragement is needed throughout the African American community. It’s been a tough Black History Month, thus far.
Josefa Salinas
The way I choose to remember her. She was EVERY WOMAN. She had the same joys, desires, goals, little girl giggles and at the same time, fears, heartbreak, self doubt and pain as we did and do. To the woman who truly expressed for my generation of women.. all of our feelings.. both good and bad.. Thank you for the memories. Honor her by playing her music for your children and celebrate her.
Lucy Garcia Storey
What a voice. My heart hurts for her family and friends today. She will be missed but her voice will live FOREVER. RIP Whitney.
Reyna Reyna-Music Our deep condolences to Whitney Houston’s Mother Cissy Houston, (Brother) Gary Houston, (Daughter) Bobbi Kristina, (God Mother) Aretha Franklin (Cousin) Dionne Warwick, Clive Davis and all the many Family members, Friends and her Fans all over the world that are mourning her.
Whitney Houston…May Your Voice Reign In Heaven Forever.
With Much Sadness,
Mindi Abair
I walked off stage tonight to the news of Whitney Houston’s passing. I drove across the state of Florida after the show listening to a radio marathon of her hits. RIP Whitney. Thank you for your music and talent. And thank you for introducing Kirk Whalum to me via “I Will Always Love You”. #1 pop saxophone solo of all time for me.
Herman L. Matthews
I had the opportunity to play on a Whitney Houston tour with Kirk Whalum, who is playing the sax solo on this track, and with Angie & Debbie Winans. I want to remember Whitney this way…. Night after night, I saw her perform this song. I will always remember her smile, and of course her talent. R.I.P. and thank you for your gift.
Regina Cohen
Another. Great One has left us … Pray for her and her family … Judge Not … We’re not Flawless … RIP … Whitney Houston.
Lynn Bryant
My prayers and condolences go out to Whitney Houston and her family we have lost a great treasure. Thanks for all the great moments that you brought to us.
David Yao Glikpo
Peace. You were the light, the voice. You will stay in our hearts.
Kristen Wallace
RIP Whitney…May God wrap his arms around the family in this time of need and always, In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.
LaDawn Britt Parris
So sorry to lose a beautiful songbird. I pray heaven has ushered in another spirit. Whitney, you will be missed.
Leslie Stralow
The passing of Whitney was a Big loss to fans  and around the world. She was a Inspiration to all and touch everyone’s heart in a special way. She will be Missed Greatly!!!
Selina Albright
Nope… I thought it’d hit me today that Whitney has passed. Still in denial… She’s the vocalist I modeled my voice after when I was a kid. She encouraged me to keep sharpening my craft to learn more riffs and hit higher notes with less effort needed, and she showed me that women in entertainment can EARN THEIR LIVING without LOSING THEIR CLASS! Such an awesome role model and a great friend to the family!! Whitney will be missed horribly.
Ricki Michelae Williams
To hear of Whitney’s untimely passing was an absolute shock. Fortunately her talent was captured on recordings and film for all time. My prayers goes out to her daughter, mother, family and friends. We will “Always Love you.”
Tracey L. Whitney 
I’ll never forget the very first time I heard Whitney Houston. I was coming home from Palm Springs at 5AM on a Monday morning, and crazy sleepy. I had the windows wide open to help me stay awake, and this “You Give Good Love” came on the radio. I was blown away! She continued to rock my world for years to come. Rest in peace, Whitney. Thank you for brightening the world with your amazing voice.
Much love…
Lexi Lewis – 
Contributing Writer – Smooth Jazz Magazine 
Shock. Disbelief. Sorrow. These are just simply a few feelings millions of us share, worldwide, about the passing of the beloved Whitney Houston. She had such an indescribable impact on so many people through her music. Her angelic voice was so powerful yet sweet and appealing. Let’s remember her for her love of music and willingness to unselfishly share her voice with us so that we could create everlasting memories based on her songs. Let’s not dwell on her personal tragedies but celebrate the phenomenal entertainer, woman, mother and child of God that she was. Like so many icons before her – she’s gone too soon. May God Bless her family, friends and fans around the world who loved her. Until it is my time to enter the pearly gates of heaven, I can say Ms. Houston “I Will Always Love You.”
Pat Cook
Had Whitney Houston given us her “Greatest Love…” or was there more?